Road Trip Stories from Peter & Pam Ranson

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Australia Day Celebrations
January 22, 2018
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Road Trip Stories from Peter & Pam Ranson

Pete and Pam

Peter and Pam Ranson celebrated 13 years of travelling in their caravan on Monday 4th December 2017.

They left Perth and started to travel unsure of what they were getting into but here they are … so friendly and caring and always welcoming to all the guests.  Pam and Peter do a lot of travelling but always come back to Fisherman’s Beach Holiday Park (formerly Bell Park Caravan Park).  You can normally find them engaging with others at happy hour and getting involved in all the local activities.  We thought we would ask them some questions about their travels.


What is a funny story from the road – 1.

One day we left Jimboomba, south of Brisbane, to travel north to Mooloolaba. We had just acquired our first GPS satellite navigator. The shortest route would take us directly through the centre of Brisbane so, in order to persuade our GPS to guide us onto the M1 and thus bypass Brisbane, I placed a ‘waypoint’ on top of the Gateway Bridge so we would have to go there first and then on to Mooloolaba. So off we went.

The plan worked well and soon we were paying the toll to cross the bridge. A few kilometres past the bridge the GPS instructed me take the next exit to the left. This seemed wrong but I had a quick decision to make and decided to trust the GPS. Well, we twisted this way and that around some roundabouts and found ourselves merging onto a motorway. Good . . . or was it? We were back on the M1 but now travelling south! Next thing we’re paying another toll to re-cross the Gateway Bridge. The GPS soon instructed me to take the next exit ramp off the M1, turn right at the lights, cross over the top of the M1, then make another right to re join the motorway northbound. And yes, we were soon paying a third toll to cross the Gateway Bridge yet again. After that everything went perfectly, and we were soon at our destination.

So what went wrong with the GPS? Well, nothing went wrong, the fault was entirely mine. The northbound and southbound carriageways on a small screen merge into one single line and I had placed the waypoint on the southbound lane. The GPS took us to that waypoint by the shortest route then on to Mooloolaba from there.

Our friends will never stop laughing.


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