28th July – Chess Board Grand Opening

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July 9, 2018
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July 24, 2018

28th July – Chess Board Grand Opening

Chess party

We're all about fun and games at Fisherman's Beach Holiday Park!

Our staff have been working hard putting together our life size chess board with only a few finer touches left before it is complete.
Join us for the grand opening Saturday, 28th July 2018. We will be celebrating the afternoon with a black and white themed dress up party, team matches and human draughts (we will need a few volunteers for this one). The guests in the park really make it a fun place to be. Don’t worry we have printed out the rules so it makes it easier for everyone. Kellie has laminated them and put them on the wall in the BBQ area. Bring along some drinks, your best dress up, some nibbles and a few sausages for the BBQ. There will be a prize for the most creative costume and a prize for the chess team champions.
Bring along some drinks, your best dress up, some nibbles and a few sausages for the BBQ ..

We are looking forward to testing it out and learning all the skills and strategies required to win. Thank you to all the people who helped shovel the dirt, lay the tiles and lay the turf. We really appreciate it.  Getting the gravel from the gulley up to the bbq area proved to be the hardest challenge.  ‘The daily work out walking back up the hill with the wheel barrow full of dirt has really improved her fitness’. There has been so many laughs and jokes being told; while we worked; it really made the time go quick.

Pavers are all in.

Maintenance check of equipment.

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As of 10am Monday 30 March we will be closed to all holiday and leisure travellers. Our camp kitchens and amenities blocks will be closed.

However, until travel restrictions are lifted in Queensland, we are offering discounted sites to those who are unable to get back to their homes, or those full-time travellers whose caravan/RV is their home under the following conditions:

- Transit sites are available for one night - for those that need a stopover while they head home, or to their final isolation destination as quickly as possible.
- Isolation sites are available at a heavily discounted rate - minimum 14 days to bunker down in our beautiful village

You will need to be fully self-contained (shower and toilet) but you will have access to our dump point and self-serve laundry. These facilities will be sanitised in line with the latest COVID-19 parameters. Park reception functions will be conducted via phone, email and online but an onsite manager is still present for security and emergencies.

We also have a limited number of self-contained cabins – also at discounted rates.

Best of all, if you have a dog – they are welcome too!

BOOK ONLINE or email info@fbhp.com.au. Phone is not preferred at this time due to a large volume of calls for Easter leisure cancellations.