Add gas safety to your holiday checklist

Guests are encouraged to follow some simple gas safety checks to ensure portable gas appliances don’t ruin your camping, or caravanning holiday.

Gas safety checks shouldn’t be overlooked when preparing caravans, and portable gas appliances like barbecues ahead of the summer holidays.

Some simple gas safety checks to apply before starting your holiday:

  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for safe assembly and use.
  • Check cylinders for holes, rust, dints and damage and if it is damaged don’t use it.
  • Check your cylinder’s test date stamp and if it hasn’t been tested in 10 years, get a new one.
  • Check fittings on barbecues, valves and hoses for any signs of fading, fraying, cracking or splitting and check for missing ‘O’ ring seals.
  • Apply soapy water to connections between the appliance and the gas cylinder to check for bubbles, which indicates a dangerous leak.
  • Secure gas bottles firmly in transit and keep them out of the sun, which can cause gas expansion and leaks.
  • Always use a licensed gas fitter to fix, test, or install new appliances. You can look up licensed gas fitters’ on the Gas Safety Queensland site.

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To fill your gas bottle call in at the local Emu Park Hardware Shop 1/26 Hill street Emu Park 07 4938 8899

To get your gas appliances checked Keily’s appliance and electrical 18 Wattle Street Yeppoon 07 4939 5644

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